Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ice Classic 2010

So despite Connor still recovering from his nasty bout with scarlet fever the past two weeks, we decided the weather was too auspicious to not hie ourselves off to the ICe Carving Championships yesterday. Apparently we have the clearest ice in the world up here in a pond in North Pole, and people come from all over the world to participate in the ice carving championship. They also have a huge kids' park made out of ice, including mazes, slides and ice bowls. We bundled everyone up and vowed to not tire Connor out too much and let him go his own pace, which was approximately six million miles an hour once he saw the ice park. He had fun sliding down a few slides, but really loved the tall ones at the end of park. He went down twice before he was tired out, and Timmy went down twice before getting some snow in his face and deciding he needed a break in the warming house.

The ice's HUGE. Timmy and I got lost so we backtracked while daddy and Connor giggled and ran.

Slides of screaming death! Connor insisted on going alone.

Daddy and Connor went off together while Timmy and I took a 20 minute potty break - it takes a LONG time to peel all that stuff off a baby - and then we jumped on the Winter Wonderland train to go see the ice sculptures. I must say the "train" was a brilliant innovation on years past. It consisted of an ATV towing rainbow colored sled cars behind it to tour the sculptures. It was great because the park is quite large and with one still sickly kid and one tiny guy, it would have taken forever to look at ourselves and chilled the boys through. Instead they got to ride which was a thrill in itself for them, we got to see everything, and everyone stayed warm.

Connor on the ATV train.

Mommy's a goof! At least Timmy's cute!

Charlie's favorite...called "Death Grip."

Look at the detail on this octopus!

This one was titled "Competition."

"Winter Phoenix"



Connor started to flag after a little jaunt in the warming house so we went home. Both of them fell asleep in the car on the way home...cold and fun sure tires you out!

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stephanie said...

Very cool. (Sorry - I couldn't help it!) My Uncle mike carves ice and a guy I graduated with lives in Alaska and does that, too.