Thursday, January 7, 2010

Connor's 4 year old interview

I asked Connor a series of questions for marking his transition to 4, courtesy of my friend Melissa at Chasing Cheerios. Some of the answers are awfully cute...

I feel happy when...I play with cars and trucks.

I feel sad when...I bump my head.

I like

My daddy is...coming.

My mommy is...very happy.

I love...Timmy.

My favorite color

I like to eat...bananas.

I like to the playground.

My favorite toy is...a fire truck (could have fooled me) and a storm trooper.

It makes me happy when...I play with storm troopers.

It makes me sad when...I need batteries.

I feel frustrated kids are there.

The best thing I do is...playing castle.

I'm excited about...uh...trees...uh, train...uh no, that's silly.

I like to the airplane.

What's your favorite song? Santa Claus is coming to town

What's your favorite school activity? Work

What's the best part about being 4 years old? a party

1 comment:

Tim said...

Oddly, Connor's responses mirror my own...coincidence? I think not. DNA is a powerful thing.